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Formalities Of Getting Married In Greece

A symbolic wedding in Greece is possible for a citizen of any country. EU citizen and citizens from most of the countries are eligible for a civil wedding in Greece, as well.
Symbolic wedding, official civil wedding, or church wedding.
Please, follow this link to see the list of documents required for an official wedding in Greece.
Please, follow this link to see the requirements for a church wedding in Greece.
We act as your representatives in Greece throughout the preparation process, we take over the translation of your documents and we accompany you in all the Authorities necessary, to receive your official marriage certificate.
If you have planned your wedding with Crete For Love, we may assist you with acquiring a copy of your marriage certificate even after your wedding. If not, please contact the Authorities / Municipality your marriage was registered in for further assistance.
Your official marriage shall take place on a Monday-Friday as per marriage registration process which takes place during the week days each Town Hall operates. For some regions, where Town Hall confirms each year the outdoor ceremony with the presence of Town Hall representative is also possible during the weekends, with formalities still to be fulfilled within week days.
Yes, 2 witnesses are required for civil and church weddings. For all elopements, we provide the witnesses as a part of our package.
Your marriage certificate is received upon final signatures in the Town Hall.
Even though same-sex couples civil unions are not officially recognized in Greece, same-sex couples have an option of proceeding with a symbolic non-binding wedding.
While most of the churches in Crete are Greek Orthodox, there are religious institutions of other doctrines. Even if your religion is not represented on the island of Crete, you have an option of having a civil or symbolic wedding.

Wedding Planning In Crete with Crete For Love

Start by picking your date, having a general idea of the number of guests (if any), the preferred type of venue and location, and send us an email for more information.
Picking a venue is one of the most important steps you take during the wedding planning procedure. Seeking professional guidance at this early stage of the process is a wise decision, as the right wedding ceremony and dinner venue defines many of your choices and affects the operations behind overall wedding organization. It is important to decide on a wedding location that is of your confident choice, convenient for you and your guests and corresponding to your requirements (privacy, music limitations, food etc). Venue scouting is one of the services we offer and add to your package, upon your request, and so is venue viewing, if you plan on visiting Crete before choosing or booking your wedding venue.
Yes, we would be happy to take over the coordination of your wedding, in the chosen venue. Before booking a venue, make sure that an event may be hosted on the premises and that wedding planners are accepted.
Full coordination allows up to have a detailed and complete supervision of the event and vendors included, for a smooth event. If you have decided to hire a wedding planner at a later stage, we can discuss the needs of your wedding, and the parts where our guidance/advice/ coordination is required, so we put together a package that suits your needs.
Depending on the package you choose, the level of customisation you opt for and the time you wish to devote to your wedding, couples are more or less involved in the wedding planning process. If you wish to be highly involved in the planning of your wedding, the full coordination package is the right choice for you, regardless of the size of your wedding, where you will be able to select vendors, decorations, entertainment and other services responding to your expectations and priorities.
Yes, we can! We will propose different lodgment options for you and your guests.
Crete For Love is based in Chania, Western Crete, and we plan events around the island of Crete. For the moment, our operations take place only within Crete and not other islands. As Crete is the largest island of Greece, therefore couples are most likely to find exactly the scenery & services they are looking for, within the multiple options offered! When it comes to specific locations, there are no limits to our couples choices! The beach, wineries, rustic venues, private villas and estates of Crete are only some of the available choices, and many unique places for your destination wedding in Crete are located along Western Crete borders.
Yes, we plan events throughout the year, winter included! As we live in Chania permanently, we are at your disposal throughout the year to organise all necessary steps for your event.
Depending on the time of the year, your preferred date and the amount of time left before the event, we are able to examine the request. Pop us an email to find out!
We take over events and weddings from 2 - 350 people, with an average being 40-100 people. Depending on the location and request, we can also consider taking over a bigger event.
Absolutely! Every package can be subject to adjustments, as every wedding is unique! We have a personal approach to every couple, suggesting solutions that fit their request and budget. In case you want a highly customized wedding in Crete, we suggest you consider our Full Wedding Coordination package.
Yes, Crete For Love is a licensed company with an EU-registered VAT number.
Every Crete For Love package includes a personal presence of your dedicated Coordinator at your event. Your Head Wedding Coordinator is the one you meet on the other side of email correspondence, but also the person you will meet before and at your wedding day. We cherish face-to-face relations.
Crete is a budget-friendly destination, due to its variable choices of venues, locations, accommodation and flights (2 international airports are available in Chania and Heraklion, connecting the island directly with number of countries). Generally, the total cost is defined by the size of your wedding, your requirements and expectations, the chosen location, the period you choose to have your event (low or high season) and the services you wish to offer to your guests.
Crete For Love offers packages for events of various scale. Contact us with your dedicated budget and requirements, and we would be happy to revert with possibilities within your request and specific proposals. Flexibility is our strongest point!

General Questions About Wedding Planning In Crete

Planning time depends on the size of the wedding, requested date and expectations. For weddings over 100 people, it is advised that you start planning +1 year to your wedding date, while for smaller weddings, planning can start 12 - 4 months before the wedding day.
Crete is known for its beautiful summer, however, every season of the year here has its own unique charm and offers a lot of potential in terms of presenting a gorgeous scenery for your weddings & romantic events. Spring and autumn definitely come with cooler temperatures and smoother light, therefore they are the ideal months for an intimate destination event.
It is advised that you arrive at least 2 days before your wedding day and leave a minimum of 2 days later, for convenience and a smooth settling in / recovering. For official weddings, staying for a few more days might be needed, for bureaucratic formalities; contact your Coordinator for specific advice.