About us


Planning a wedding abroad does not have to be a stressful and extremely expensive process if your wedding destination & the dedicated wedding planner who knows their market, belong to the best of their kind!

Crete is a unique location for weddings that doesn't cease to inspire. My experienced & highly-qualified team will help you live the dream of the most romantic and well-organized event with the backdrop of the island’s sheer beauty.

Embrace the memories of your Weddings & Romantic Events in Crete with Crete for Love!

The team

Who is behind all the magic of Crete For Love?

I am Anna, founder and Head Planner for Crete for Love.

With my curiosity for constant education and extensive experience in tourism, hospitality and event planning working for many parties in the past, in 2013 I decided to take slowly things under my belt and implement all my knowledge and way of business perception with ethics and my personal weakness for beautiful and chic but modest simplicity that lasts in time.

I am romatic but also firmly practical which helps me find solutions, pick the best options and achieve moments of small miracles for the couples’ individual requirements and wishes.

My goal is to make every couple feel secure, informed properly and with sense of reality embracing the most of wedding planning process: which shall always be fun, exciting and unique for each of you!

Located in Chania, on the Greek island of Crete, Crete For Love combines the best that Crete has to offer and turns it into a dream-come-true scene for your destination wedding or private event!

Crete for Love team stands out due to its aesthetics and profound knowledge of the local market and the well-established network of hand-picked collaborators.

Living in Crete all year round, we capture the finest of Greek traditions and combine them with international trends & cultures, which allows us to approach each event with a unique vision and incorporate every client’s personality to the art of Greek living.


The company

The exciting journey of Crete For Love started in 2013. Since then, the company has been evolving dynamically with the number of events increasing exponentially. Entering the new year of 2019 our couples were presented to the new branding of Crete For Love that perfectly conveys company’s identity and sense of style.

One can vividly follow this development through the change in our logo, every element of which is quite symbolic. Namely, our former logo and its round shape represent the infinite circle of life, the olive branch – the essence of Greek culture, the waves – coastal beauty of Crete, and the surrounding openwork – the embroidery, unique to Crete.

In turn, the new logo depicts a more minimal and abstract design in earthy tones, where the following elements once again come together in the shape of eternity:

  • bay leaf, as well known as “laurel leaf” – symbol of success and victory, commonly grown in Chania region;
  • the local embroidery, “yfanta” {υφαντά}, which is prepared by Cretan housewifes, mothers and grandmothers for the ladies soon to be married. Yfanta are offered as a precious wedding gift to the bride for her new home, giving it the elegance and coziness needed for the couple.
Our former Logo
Our former Logo
Our new Logo
Our new Logo

What services do we provide to our clients?
Throughout the whole year, we organize in Crete handcrafted weddings of any size & unique events such as: engagements, anniversaries, wedding vow renewals & private dinners, from your first request to the final moments of the event. Everything is our priority! We handle your documents, we lead and guide you through legal requirements, venue scouting through the choice of Crete perfect outdoor wedding locations, styling, decorations & all the tiny details that actually make the difference.

Our couples are guided through the planning process of a symbolic, civil or Greek Orthodox wedding with expert advice, imaginative vision and professional spontaneity making the process of event planning as enjoyable & memorable as the event itself.

The destination

Why is Crete the perfect wedding destination? Apart from its pure beauty, this island offers any scenery you can wish for: some of the most picturesque beaches of the Mediterranean, olive groves, old churches, wineries, historical cities, numerous villas and hidden valleys, surrounded by the rocky mountains.

Chania is our hometown and, as much as it has a very special place in our hearts, as the years go by it becomes a second home and a romantic destination for most of our couples. Located in the Western part of Crete, this city is beyond charismatic and leaves no one indifferent.

Chania is meant for love.