James and Irene

My now husband and I worked with Anna and her team at Crete for Love for our wedding in October 2023 (and pre-wedding brunch). I have nothing but great things to say about working with Anna. She made my vision come to life! Our ceremony and reception went from day to night, and everything was gorgeous no matter what time of day. Our eclectic boho rustic whimsical fall garden party was everything I hoped it would be.

We live in New York, and I’m a very type A person, so trusting a stranger literally thousands of miles away to help with basically all aspects of our wedding was really scary. I remember being so anxious for months after we booked Anna because I felt like most things were out of my hands and Anna was so busy.

Let me just say, it’s not a bad thing if your wedding planner is too busy with other events to reply constantly when your wedding is more than 3-4 months out. Honestly, I was anxious that I didn’t seem to hear much from Anna after we booked the big things (venue, lighting, DJ, hair and makeup) and were still 6 ish months out from our wedding. However, as soon as we were 2-3 months out, Anna was super present! I realized that it just wasn’t my turn yet. Anna was busy being the magician for other people’s big days, and that’s exactly what you want from a planner! As soon as it was our turn, Anna made me feel like our wedding was the only one she was working on (when, in reality, she is always working on a handful).

Anna is so detail oriented and on top of everything. If I wanted something, she was amazing at getting it done. This includes finding a beautiful full-length mirror like 2 weeks before our wedding to use as our welcome sign. One of my biggest stressors was if the vendors would be easy to work with/if they would deliver what they promised. Anna is the one who selected the vendors, and we mostly worked with her instead of them. She made sure nothing big went wrong, and immediately remedied small things that I mentioned. I felt completely comfortable being honest with Anna about my needs and wants, and she never ever made me feel like I was asking for too much or that I was unreasonable. She also was amazing at making sure we didn’t spend more money than we needed to, and I felt like she really looked out for us when it came to being charged a fair price (I’ve heard this can be an issue for destination weddings). All of her vendors also had nothing but great things to say about her (including how strict she is with them, meaning her clients only get the best service)! I felt really safe and protected when working with Anna.

Anna is an amazing planner and person, and I can’t recommend Crete for Love enough! It would be a pleasure if I could plan another event with Anna again.