Elena & Olimpiu

cake cutting after wedding ceremony in

We want to thank Stavriani, Anna and Andreas for organizing these magic moments for us & our guests: pre-wedding dinner, bachelorette party, wedding ceremony and wedding dinner. Words cannot describe the magic that was in the air at our Pre-Wedding dinner, everything was magnificent. Our guests remember this like one of the most significant memory in their life. What is different about Crete for Love is the fact that they work on making your wedding different from the others. They encourage you and propose decors different that what you saw in their portfolio, making your event 100% unique, according to you vibe. They know how to create MAGIC! Andreas is the best photographer you can have: you don’t see him, you don’t feel his presence, but he captures everything! I have pictures looking at the camera that I don’t remember taking! That’s his gift! People looking at the pictures said: wow, you had such a good photographer! And I said: there was even more magical than what you see in the pictures!