Intimate family micro wedding in picturesque Loutro, Crete Sarah-Jeanne and Graeme

Picturesque Loutro in Sfakia was the spot that Sarah-Jeanne and Graeme from Australia chose for their first date and became the spot where they exchanged vows of eternal love and devotion to each other, the spot where they were officially united some years later at the end of September. Witness to their unity was the fruit of their love, their cute little son, Ziggy.

Loutro, is a coastal village in Southern Crete, looking at the Libyan Sea with the White Mountains behind and is accessible only by boat. The main colors of the tiny yet beautiful village are blue and white which match perfectly with the landscape.

Initially, the weather on this day wasn’t so promising, but before the ceremony the clouds almost disappeared, and the Cretan sky became blue and bright again.

As Sarah- Jeanne was pampering herself for their elopement, Graeme took their son and enjoyed a photo session with the photographer along the little shops of this fish village.

The ceremony spot was at the beautiful old fortress of Loutro, where a white wooden arch was set with white flowers and white linen facing the crystal waters of the small bay. Also, a wooden welcome table was already set up close to the arch, which was full of sparkling wine, seasonal fruits, and some Cretan delicacies. The color palette of this micro wedding was inspired by Greece and the main colors were white, blue, and yellow.

The time to celebrate Sarah-Jeanne & Graeme’s love has come! The elegant groom was standing in front of the arch, where the golden light of the sunset gave an extra romantic touch to their special moment.

Sarah- Jeanne in her romantic ivory vintage wedding dress walked all the way through the village to the small fortress holding her bouquet and looking forward to her official unity with Graeme.

During the ceremony, the heartfelt words from the officiant blended with the sounds of nature, creating an unforgettable scenery for the celebration of love and happiness of our couple. The special unity of these two souls sealed with a kiss under the rain of rose petals confetti, officially as newlyweds!

A special touch to this astonishing micro wedding was the bride’s request for some blurred and Kodak film photos during their family session with the photographer. The colors of the Cretan nature matched perfectly with the elegant couple creating some amazing shots that will last forever.

As the sun was going down the horizon behind Loutro, the couple left the fortress and headed to the other side of the village, where a minimal dinner table had already been set up with white flowers on it and special yellow small bouquets for each chair. Even though it was late September, the night was like an August one. The couple enjoyed its dinner from a local taverna together with their son, under the full moon proposing toasts for their bright mutual future.

The organization of such an intimate micro wedding in a special location like Loutro, was a challenge that ended up being a joyful experience creating unforgettable memories. We’re delighted that we were part of the process!