Wedding ensemble wedding dress, destination weddings in Chania, Crete, Greece



When thinking of a wedding, everybody thinks of a nice outfit. Whether you are a bride, a groom, a bridesmaid or bridesmaid’s mother, we all want to look good at this special occasion.


Many brides dream of a bridal dress a long time before they even meet their fiancé. Then comes the reality of planning, choosing a wedding venue and it is not always easy to combine dreams with preparations and harmonious choices.



Wedding in Crete, Greece is usually held in summer. Summer in Crete, it is a hot time. We must take into account all details and aspects of this important day starting from a proper outfit. The dress that bride is going to wear for a half of the day during: pre-wedding photography, wedding ceremony, guests’ greetings, wedding reception, dancing shall be made from natural fabric that allows sea breeze to refresh excitement and tiredness. Any synthetic fabrics will make your dress feel like a plastic bag, pressing, rubbing and sometimes falling off (ups!).


The rules of a right outfit choice apply to groom and all guests as well.



If you are dressed properly, with comfortable shoes and no thick jacket, this will certainly help with keeping joyful and pleasant memories of the wedding day.


Style your wedding clothes according to your silhouette and preferences. Try your outfit before and make sure you can walk, sit down, and bend over.


You should feel comfortable and elegant as well.

Our advice: All elements of garment should match and feel right.

When planning a wedding, choosing a wedding venue, dinner menu and decoration, bride and groom invest their time and feelings to reflect their highest expectations of their event.  church wedding


If wedding takes place on the beach, make sure you wear comfortable shoes and your clothes do not look shabby. Creating a relaxed look does not mean you cannot be elegant. If winery is the place to host your wedding, with rustic furniture and village atmosphere, think of an outfit that will match that style.


If you have already chosen a dress, make sure your wedding planner gets to see it ahead. It is not a rare case to plan the wedding around the bridal dress concept. On the other hand, if you are a bride that still hesitates which wedding dress to choose, ask for a professional advice. vow renewal wife 


Dear guests! By going to your relatives’ and friends’ wedding, you support them and show your respect. Don’t be shy to ask for such details as wedding colors, dress code, and wedding venue environment. It may turn out that you will need another pair of shoes to change or a shawl for a wedding dinner.


Details make difference.


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