Balos Beach Lagoon


Dreams have no boundaries, love has no boundaries!

Balos Lagoon – a perfect creation of nature, one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world. Great place for the weddings abroad in Greece!

Here you will feel like you are in paradise. Harmony and grace in every movement of the waves and in each grain of the pink beach sand. When the sea becomes unified with the sky, the blue clouds are reflecting on the turquoise sea and the bright sun fills everything with its rays!

Exotic unspoiled beauty that takes your breath away!

We enrich your weddings and romantic holidays with personal touches and customized offers. For our civil weddings and romantic celebrations in Crete visit our Portfolio. For more information about additional services and costs contact us directly at: [email protected] and read about some ideas in Crete Tailor-Made Ceremonies.


paradise beauty by Nature

Balos View Weddings

Official Wedding in Balos, Chania, Crete
Elena & Alexandr
Official wedding for two in love
Aleksandra & Anatolii
Summer morning, Balos: official wedding
Elitsa & Zhelyaz
Romantic & elegant civil wedding in Balos
Julia & Jevgeni


Our decision to get married in Crete was made firmly and commonly! What we always observed was that the wedding day, from the morning till the last minute, it was usually a day full of stress, disorder and anxiety to meet important event.
Dear Nataly and Anna, We had the most amazing wedding day, which couldn't have happened without you!
We would like to say a huge thank you to the team of {Crete for Love} for choosing for us one of the most romantic places in the world as if it was on the edge of the Earth...
Thank you so much for the amazing organization of our wedding in Crete. We could feel professionalism and devotion.