Elitsa & Zhelyaz





Dear {Crete for Love},

We had the most amazing wedding day, which couldn’t have happened without you! 
We can’t thank you enough, girls! Everything was just as we wanted!

You truly are a team that make dreams come true! You are so positive and outgoing personality as well as your extensive experience on the Island and your willingness to help. You never forgot what we wanted every time when we changed our mind (and you enduring my terrible English). 
You love what you do and it shows!

The wedding was like a dream, like a fairy tale! My fairy tale was better than Cinderella because I had two fairies! Thank you, girls!

We would like to thank the photographers who did a wonderful job and to receiving our wonderful photos so soon after our big day!

I really would love to see you again someday! Maybe next time when I come to your wonderful island or ……. you are welcome in Plovdiv :)
All our love
Elitsa & Zhelyaz

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We would like to say a huge thank you to the team of {Crete for Love} for choosing for us one of the most romantic places in the world as if it was on the edge of the Earth...
Our decision to get married in Crete was made firmly and commonly! What we always observed was that the wedding day, from the morning till the last minute, it was usually a day full of stress, disorder and anxiety to meet important event.
We will be forever grateful to {Crete for Love} and Anna for making our wedding the best day of our lives!
I wanted to organise a pre-wedding surprise for my fiancé whilst we were on holiday in Crete. When I stumbled accross {Crete for Love} I was so happy to see the beautiful options available on the website.