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On September 5th I got married in a very traditional Cretan wedding with 1000 people! I know this is different than the normal wedding {Crete for Love} does but I could not have done it without them! 
My husband and I live in Crete but I am from the U.S. and he is from Sweden so we were dealing with around 200 people flying in to celebrate our big day with us. Coordinating so many people is not easy. We all spent over a year planning and I really could not have asked for a better team on my side. {Crete for Love} were not only professional in their demeanor, but on top of every detail often reminding me of what needed to get done and following up with things since they knew my job made it difficult for me to devote 100% of my time to my wedding planning. 
These ladies are super stars- they handled everything exactly as I wanted and I truly felt at ease knowing that the two of them were there to help with my big day. 
All of my guests were very impressed by how organized my wedding was and many of them went out of their way to e-mail me afterwards to tell me how great an experience they had and how wonderful Anna and {Crete for Love} were. From coordinating buses to ordering the traditional “koufeta” they were literally on top of every little detail.
Thank you ladies for making our day so special and making it such a joy to plan such a huge event!




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Cretan wedding coordination
Alexandra & Afshin
Winery wedding in Crete
Caz & Matthew
Midnight blue sea wedding
Maria & Ronald
Spring styled Boho wedding photo shoot
in Crete, Greece


We really had the best week of our lives, and the best day of our life! It was so much fun. Absolutely perfect...
Our wedding day in Crete was amazing! Our ceremony at picturesque seaside location was heartwarming and sincere...
Everything was done to perfection which took away any added stresses...
On July 23rd, we lived a real fairy tale... This evening was so incredible that it felt like a dream.