Romance for two

beach moment for two in Chania



It was a special request we received. Him and her having their time on Crete. Trying to tighten their bonds, find some peace to rediscover their relationship and love. 


Romance can look and sound cheesy but when the reality hits our lives we forgot about the simplicity of just spending time together, sipping some wine and chatting till the sunset. 


He wanted to surprise her with a pure and unconventional idea. The idea that we all have but never do it. 


It was a sensitive moment to watch her amazed face, relaxed walks along the rough beach: them and their child. 


It all ended for a day with a taste of wine, Cretan mezes and the sound of guitar. Romantic picninc on the beach!


We hope to see them again: happy and relaxed as we had a chance to see them on that day! 


Thank you for your trust!