Summer morning, Balos: official wedding


 When two people live together for years their feelings develop into something more profound & that is called a real love. When a couple, after a long period of close relationship, decides to get married, it is no longer called a union of lovers, but a bond of loving hearts.

Elitsa & Zhelyaz, they visited Crete before, they drove around the entire island. However, only here in Balos, in the presence of their children & close friends, they decided to unite their destinies.

Crete, Greece – is about the bright sun, the sea & the relaxation. In this light & the vivid mood of Greek summer, the ceremony was framed. Dark & fair blue with white colors, red flowers, little shells, two chairs & a table: here it is – welcoming & beloved Greece.


Images by Andreas Markakis Photography

Elitsa & Zhelyaz

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Dear Nataly and Anna, We had the most amazing wedding day, which couldn't have happened without you!
Our decision to get married in Crete was made firmly and commonly! What we always observed was that the wedding day, from the morning till the last minute, it was usually a day full of stress, disorder and anxiety to meet important event.
On September 5th I got married in a very traditional Cretan wedding with 1000 people! I know this is different than the normal wedding {Crete for Love} does but I could not have done it without them!
{Crete for Love} - a team that has dispelled the myth that a wedding abroad is unreasonable, expensive and complex. Tale in reality, in which we were the heroes and Crete for Love played as a professional writer, costume designer, set designer, makeup artist and composer.