Seaside elopement in Crete

Small destination weddings can be fun. Beyond a little bit of stress to prepare your civil wedding documents correctly, you do not really have to worry about wedding etiquette and big party demands.


Jodie and Otis chose getting married “just the two of us” in Western Crete to enjoy relaxing elopement at the seaside. Sunny afternoon ceremony with two witnesses and a few glasses of champagne that is what they wanted for their Big Day.


Till the moment they came back home, they had already honeymoon memories, a few wedding pictures to share and lots of energy to pull together a wedding after-party for hundred fifty guests waiting for them in UK!


Images by {Crete for Love}

Jodie & Otis

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At the end of the day, all that helped to make this day a fantasy come true, felt like family...
We would like to say a huge thank you to the team of {Crete for Love} for choosing for us one of the most romantic places in the world as if it was on the edge of the Earth...
Since I was little girl I’ve always dreamed of a beautiful, outdoor wedding straight from the Hollywood movies…
Our decision to get married in Crete was made firmly and commonly! What we always observed was that the wedding day, from the morning till the last minute, it was usually a day full of stress, disorder and anxiety to meet important event.