Rustic wedding in Chania winery

Stella & Sotiris were looking for a rustic and relaxing wedding in the countryside of Chania town, Crete. Living in Athens, the couple wanted their wedding to happen around the island where the bride’s family history has a special place.


Chania has always been their second home and holidays destination and so their destination wedding could not take place anywhere else than Western Crete.


Inspired by the vivid colors of Cretan traditional hand-woven textiles called “ifanta” that embrace the shades and nature of Cretan land, Stella & Sotiris created the atmosphere of Mexican like themed wedding.


Their wedding was a real festival of colors and positive vibes. Over 200 guests danced under the chains of colorful paper lanterns, enjoying a rustic space of Chania winery private estate.


Images by Fotini Romaliadou

Stella & Sotiris

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When we decided to have our wedding in Crete, we started looking online for help with organizing and planning the day...
We really had the best week of our lives, and the best day of our life! It was so much fun. Absolutely perfect...
Our wedding day in Crete was amazing! Our ceremony at picturesque seaside location was heartwarming and sincere...
On September 5th I got married in a very traditional Cretan wedding with 1000 people! I know this is different than the normal wedding {Crete for Love} does but I could not have done it without them!