Kids at your wedding

children and wedding



It is no longer a taboo that many newlyweds have children who become their flower girls and ring bearers at their wedding.  However, even if you are not a parent at this particular moment of your life, it is most likely that children will still be present at your Big Day!


Do not skip that thought while planning your wedding, especially the one far away from your home country.


Most guests will arrive with their kids for your destination wedding for a simple reason: they will treat it as a part of their family holidays.

Moreover, they will not have too much help with taking care of their babies since grandparents will be left back home, a few thousand kilometers away.


Make sure that kids are well taken care of and they do not get bored! Bored human beings tend to do silly things so why kids shall be different?


Kids love sweets, surprises and attention. Make sure there is a proper food and drinks for them as well as a safe place to sit and play.

Prepare a special corner for children where they can enjoy their own menu and even more important: they can eat themselves (gourmet seafood meal will not necessarily appeal to 5 year old!).  Nowadays, there are plenty of animation services that you can employ for any kind of event. This means that a qualified and well-equipped team will occupy a bunch of excited children who will happily forget about their parents for a while.


Make sure that your destination wedding is an unforgettable event for everyone!