How to choose a unique wedding location in Crete, Greece

beach wedding in Crete



If you have already decided to plan your wedding in Crete, you should think of the following elements that can help you proceed with a choice of your perfect wedding abroad venue:

  1. Before you book your accommodation, find your wedding planner that will advise on Crete wedding venues.
  2. If you look for affordable wedding packages, then you may want to know the approximate time you and your wedding planner will need to reach your wedding venue. Remember, most of secluded outdoor wedding locations are placed far away from cities and big villages’ infrastructure.
  3. The cost of your wedding package will depend on distances as well as on the access to the wedding location. The cost to travel by boat, by car or move on foot through the wild area involves different perspectives for the perfect wedding organization.
  4. In case your wedding package involves the services of many parties, you should also calculate the cost of their time to travel to your wedding ceremony.
  5. Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams but honestly express your needs and financial possibilities. Your wedding planner knows all Crete wedding locations and if properly informed, they will turn your ceremony into the fairy tale!


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