Destination wedding for happy memories!

civil wedding in Chania,Crete



The day of your wedding can be stressful, lots of tension between families, so many opinionated people advising on issues that shall only belong to the couple. Sometimes it is worth realizing a reality in order to take precautions and keep your plans based on what you want and dream of. It is your dream, your fairly tale that only you can tell and feel.


Tatiana and Vladimir seemed to think it over carefully, to make their wedding the way they both decided. They had  a plan and they were truly happy and relaxed when they exchanged their vows at the church of Agios Nicolaos. There was an aura of peace, pure joy, heart touching sincere smiles! The members of their families were there for them, supporting their choice and proudly participating in what Tatiana and Vladimir thought to be the best for them!


It is not an easy thing to decide on your destination wedding, to trust others with the thousands of kilometers distance. They made all those steps and enjoyed the result with modesty and appreciation.


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