Cretan Live Music & Traditional Dances

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Faithful to its traditions, in the world of modern sounds, Crete has its own “Dancing with the Stars” folk culture: musicians & whole associations of traditional Cretan dancers are followed by masses of enthusiasts. There is no Crete without Cretan lyra & popular dances such as “pentozali”, “chaniotiko sirto”, “sousta”, “malevizioti” or “sigano”.


Ask any Cretan about such names as: Psaradonis, Xilouris, Nikos Zoidakis and they will immediately recognize those legends of island music.


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Heavy or vivid sounds inspire men to jump pirouettes in the air or women to twist feet under colorful skirts.


No pop culture managed to push away the rituals of men gloriously dancing in circles with bonded arms. Till today proud Cretans wearing tall boots & knives around their waists mesmerize not only tourists but locals as well.




There is not wedding, baptism, festival “glenti” in Crete without a sound of lyra & a band of men sitting on Cretan woven chairs while singing “mantinades” – folk songs passing simple messages of life experience.


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Even if you are not Cretan, while staying on the island of Crete, you should not miss this part of Crete’s tradition, still proud & colorful.