Grooms planning their destination weddings

beach wedding



Since the early age, little girls tie their mother’s handkerchief around their hair and play to be a bride.

At this age, boys have more serious games to take care of.  

Then the grown-up girls get engaged and plan their wedding, thinking of: ceremony place, date, dress, where to sit their relatives, and what melody to choose for walking down the aisle.
Future husbands agree and support their beloved women but do not really dig into those tedious wedding arrangements too deeply.

However, there are couples where he takes the initiative and responsibility for their dreams and desires. She is the one who has to be convinced and once she believes, she happily waits for the wedding surprises by her future husband.

That was Svetlana and Alex’s case. He was the one who suggested they should have a wedding ceremony, far away from all, on the warm and romantic island.

They celebrated in a unique way! Close friends, sea, rocks and divine sunset in Chania, on Crete!