10 most important things about your outdoor destination wedding

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    1. TRANSPORT – When you choose your outdoor wedding venue make sure you know how far away it is located from the place of your accommodation. Some people may have no problem to drive more than 1 hour to their wedding location just to avoid crowds. Some just want to step of their room and get married; however, the choices of venues and the presence of accidental passer bys cannot be so limited in such cases. Some may also have concerns about the cost of transportation which will increase the cost of their destination wedding.
    2. DAY OF CEREMONY – Do not forget that prices and possibilities to get married range depending whether you want to have your wedding during the week days or during the weekend. It is not always possible to have a destination outdoor civil wedding on Saturday or on Sunday. The prices for additional services may vary as well since weekends have usually a higher wedding demand.
    3. TIME OF CEREMONY – Although you may think of sunny and bright pictures from your outdoor wedding, middle of the day it is not the best idea to have your wedding ceremony. It is too bright and too hot. Any roughness (not mentioning sweating) is more visible. Ask your wedding planner who knows the best your wedding location for proper timing. Your photographer may also be happy with softer light. Don’t worry! The outcome will be stunning and you will really enjoy your wedding ceremony instead of saying a quick “Yes , I do” and escaping from the frying beach sand!
    4. VENUE & ITS LANDSCAPE – It is not a secret that most of the most romantic wedding venues are away from the paved paths, neatly trimmed grass and mass tourist infrastructure. For this reason, ask your wedding planner about details concerning wedding venue landscape so you do not appear with fancy high-heels at the beginning of a narrow, cobblestoned path to get to the gorgeous, easily looking in the pictures, bay washed by turquoise sea waters.
    5. OUTFITS – What you are going to wear depends a lot on where your wedding is going to be. Royal wedding dresses are beautiful but they do not always match the outdoor wedding locations. Send the picture of your wedding gown you wish to wear to your wedding planner so they can advise honestly and properly. Respectively, inform your guests so they can enjoy themselves as well instead of bumping into the rocks with stiff shoes or being cold during the humid dinner and leaving the party before it even starts.
    6. WEATHER – This is one of those elements of outdoor weddings that you cannot totally control. Be prepared it may be windy, hot or cloudy. Either way, your mood is the most important. Be prepared to enjoy the most of your wedding time!
    7. DECORATION – Most couples search their wedding ideas looking at the stunning pictures spread around different social media. They create an image of their dream wedding that may not always be possible to implement at their wedding location. This is why you choose your wedding planner for honest and practical advice so you do not hold the wedding arch during your wedding promise or catch flying pieces of your dreamy decoration when the sea breeze decides to blow.
    8. GUESTS – Whatever the practical information you have about your outdoor wedding, do not forget to share it with your guests. Happy guests are the part of your happy day and they need to be pampered as well. Proper information is always appreciated so everybody knows what to expect. Ask your wedding planner to prepare a chic wedding schedule so your guests know all details ahead.
    9. PHOTOGRAPHER – Make sure your outdoor wedding memories will be captured in a way to show all the uniqueness of the moment and all details you thought of.  Choose the wedding photographer that knows all about outdoor photography and he or she is very flexible with light. Outdoor weddings have their own aura and philosophy.
    10. COST– To organize an outdoor destination wedding on the lonely beach with all glam and dreamy details can cost less than a traditional wedding for the family and a bunch of cousins. However, do not think about it as a cheap substitute of such an important event in your life. There is still a minimum cost to the organization. Share your thoughts on the budget with your wedding planner so they can promptly and precisely prepare the offer that you can afford.